The New Health Paradigm in Chocolate 



  • Catherine Francis a qualified physiotherapist majoring in anatomy, human biology and psychology and since 2007 has focused on combining her knowledge and understanding of the physiology of the body, the psychology of eating, with her passion for wholefood & superfood nutrition. 

  • Willow Francis has spent over 20 years working in the western medical model. Over the past 10 years he gradually moved towards more sustainable and holistic health modalities. He has been facilitating events, workshops, retreats and lectures around the world inspiring others to find the next puzzle in their journey to health, vibrancy and purpose.

For the last 4 years Willow has worked in partnership with Catherine in their business Roar Superfoods – looking in depth at the positive impact of high resonance nutrient rich foods. It is over this time that Catherine and Willow both identified the significance of Cacao (unprocessed and unadulterated chocolate) as an incredibly empowering tool for sustainable health change.

The Presentation will include:

  • Leading edge research on raw chocolate’s positive impact on the heart, focus, energy, weight loss, blood sugar stabilisation and wellbeing
  • Offering a more nourishing alternative to fattening and sugar-loaded sweet treats and caffeine for energy and emotional satiation
  • An example of a delicious, pure, unadulterated way of consuming REAL chocolate (raw, no dairy, no refined sugar, no fillers) so that you can benefit from its incredible health properties as well as satisfy your palate (and the palate of your family!)
  • Q & A session on raw chocolate and incorporating healthy chocolate into your life.
RAW Chocolate & Chocolate Drink tastings included 

(Please note: We will not be teaching or demonstrating chocolate making within this presentation)

Friday 8th March 2013

6.30pm - 8pm

$25 per ticket

Perth's Northern Suburbs - Venue details provided upon booking



Western Australia


Friday 8th March 2013
Northern Suburbs Area 6.30pm - 8pm